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Guest Houses Come in Many Forms

Guest houses are no longer limited to the uber-wealthy. In fact, they’re on the rise – with many homes hosting multi-generational families or renting out rooms, as AirBnbs become popular ways to earn extra income.

No matter the reason for wanting more space, Pelican Home Solutions specializes in renovations and new builds on accessory dwellings. Still confused about what you want?

Here’s the difference:

A “guest house” can be any space within or adjacent to your main dwelling that serves as a separate sleeping area.

An “accessory dwelling” is an entirely independent building, often including a bedroom, bathroom, or even a small kitchen for guests.

Renovate an Existing Space

For a more cost-effective option, consider converting existing space in your home, such as a basement, screened-in porch, sunroom or garage. With a few simple updates that could include additional windows, doors or enclosures – Voila! You are now the proud owner of a guest house.

Build a Separate Dwelling

This option will take more time, money and planning. You can expect design meetings, permits and heavier construction equipment. But in the end, you’ll have a self-contained mini-home on your property that could be a moneymaker if listed as a rental … or, simply a sanity saver when your in-laws come to town.

Before you start, you’ll need to consider local zoning laws, homeowner’s association rules and short-term rental legality.

When you’re ready, our Florida and Alabama renovation specialists are here to help you turn your guest home vision into a reality.

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